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Product Feature sockes printing machine

1. Achieve direct printing on seamless
Different from heat transfer printing, easier process, save time ,save labor, direct to seamless
printing, make sure the ink is well absorbed into the yarn, not just stay in the surface

2.The printed pattern is without any voids, white line
360 degree printing, no visual break in the printed artwork

3. Adopt ricoh high resolution printhead
Deliver extraordinary performance and details, perfectly present gradient effect

4. Solid machine body
Solid machine body decreases the shaking during printing to make sure the printing quality

5. printhead height adjustable
Adjust printhead height according to the different seamless thickness

Properties descripition
printhead four RICOH printhead
printing size 24cylinder (lenght 80cm*9cm diameter)
speed Around 300pcs/1h
resolution 720*720dpi 720*1080dpi 720*1440dpi
ink type Disperse, Pigment ,reactive
file type TIFF, JPEG,EPS,PDF etc
color mode C, M, Y, K
Machine dimension 390cm * 285cm * 195cm
power requirement 220V 50/60Hz
operating environment temperature20-30°C humidity 50%-60%