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Founded in 1996, Wuxi Design Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing and manufacturing large format inkjet printer and we also provide integrative solutions for our customers. What's more, our company is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in research and development, production and marketing of NdFeB permanent magnetic material.

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About digital printer, we have a wide range of printers to meet different needs in the market: large format printer for advertisement field, flatbed machine for leather field and digital printer for textile field. We have cooperated with the world renowned piezoelectricity inkjet manufacturers, guaranteeing us to be the leading manufacturer of this field.



Get the most t-shirt printing at the highest speed in the shortest time ...

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Runner G2

360 Degree socks printer for polyester and Cotton socks/4 pcs plat ...

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Runner G1

360 Degree socks printer for polyester-Cotton socks


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Creation T3

This machine is designed to stabilize the ...

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Creation T3-1

You can have the best performance in a very small space and with a very ...

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Steam Curing Machine

With heat and steam drying system will give you the best quality.  ...

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This machine has the latest direct printing technology on all types of l ...

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Industrial DTG Printer

Get the most t-shirt printing at the highest speed in the shortest time ...

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Make the most of the least cost. With the DOFORT machine, you will no lo ...

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Dofort Carpet

With a direct printing machine on a variety of carpets and carpeters, yo ...

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